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FP Stoves & Fireplaces supply and install a range of wood burning stoves as well as gas, electric and bioethanol fireplaces throughout a 20-mile radius of Scarborough. We can also take care of fireplace restoration.


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The brochures below demonstrate our range of stoves.

Some Of Our Suppliers

We Have a large range of top-quality manufacturers with brands such as Stovax/Gazco and Arada being a supplier of both solid fuel and Gas appliances with a large variety of both. The Focus fireplaces link has a wonderful range of surrounds and beams to complement your Fireplace. We are also happy to install stoves you purchase yourselves if they are up to current British standards.

What Are Bioethanol Fires?

Bioethanol fires are perfect for those looking for a more decorative feature without spending large amounts. Most models can simply be placed in a room without the need for building works (unless, of course, you want to make it a full feature). They are filled using 1.ltr bottles and have almost zero emissions, so no chimney is required.

​Please note, these fires are not intended as a main heating source, as they average between 2-4kw of power. Bioethanol bottles are sold separately and will not be sold to anyone under the age of 18. Care must be taken when refueling and any spillages must be soaked up immediately. The log and pebble effects are sold separately but are not needed.

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​It is recommended that a clearance of at least 50-60cm is left above any open type burners. It is highly recommended that you don't leave the open style burners unattended for long periods; extinguish them and relight when required as they only take seconds to light. Delivery times can vary throughout the year so please ring for details.

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